Bali Express Services is a premier full-service provider of truckload

Logistics and cross border services. Founded in San Diego, California on March 2007 as a need was identified in the industry for a full service solution providing value added to its customers. We set fourth to address the ever-growing need for cross-border trucking at the Baja California - California Points of Entry. Since then, Bali Express has grown exponentially , covering all California, Nevada and Arizona.


Why Bali Express ?


Bali Express Services has over 13 years experience, our customer service department is available 24/7, answering at all times with no overtime charges.

Certified Operators

All drivers and office staff are CTPAT - OEA certified and very knowledgeable in matters of US and Mexican customs documentation. All staff and drivers are trained in case of an emergency or any National Security issue.

Modern Float

We count on a state of the art fleet, meeting or exceeding ARB requirements. Our entire fleet was recently updated and are in optimal conditions; only clean trucks available, non older than 2010 year model which meet compliance.

Best Practices

"Best Practice" in our safety and security practices, rated by Mrs. Bernice Conley (CBP officer) in our last CTPAT audit last April 2016.

Costo-efective Solutions

Bali Express will provide you with cost effective solutions tailored to your specific capacity and service needs. You’ll also receive peace of mind that comes from our proven reliability and reputation.