What We Do?

Bali Express provides safe and reliable transportation solutions to a diverse group of customers throughout the United States and Mexico. Our integrated, multimodal approach includes logistics management services for any of your freight needs.

✓ Intermodal ✓ Truckload ✓ Dedicated ✓ Flatbed ✓ Hazmat ✓ LTL


Bali Express is committed to providing the most physically and technologically secure trailer parking, container storage, and Intermodal logistics facilities in the area.

Our locations provide:

24/7 on-site, staffed security with 24/7 access.

24/7 Log-in, Log-out, Gate Record manifests.

24/7 Recorded HD digital video surveillance.

Outdoor security lighting.

Restricted Access.

Inventory control via daily fax, email or website to dispatch.

Dispatch controlled release protocols by email or fax for loaded trailers.

Secure document handling.

Ability to exceed reserved spaces with daily rates.

Electric Guard Dog Perimeter Security System.


Bali Express is dedicated to bringing our customers a high level of service, and that starts with visibility. At Bali Express, we provide real-time data for real-time decisions.

Bali Express employs the latest online management systems to provide improved workflows, integration, mobile devices, and constant innovations to offer our customer base accurate and consistent data. Our systems offer the following visibility to our customers:

Shipment Review: Tracking with real-time measured visibility.

GPS Tracking.

Notifications via text, email, or Phone.

Access to transaction history, schedule, and reports.

Bali Express believes in always having a live person to reach when you have an inquiry. We offer the following services at no additional cost

Live (human) support 24/7 to our customers.

K-9 inspections.

Real-time communication via telephone/radio with all drivers.

Monday – Sunday Operations.